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Venture Insurance Partners actively works with and is appointed by the the Florida Workers Compensation Joint Underwriting Association (FWCJUA) to provide workers compensation solutions for companies that require the coverage and unable to obtain insurance in the standard marketplace.

The FWCJUA is a self-funded, residual-market insurer created to provide workers' compensation insurance to employers who are statutorily required to maintain such insurance, but who are unable to obtain coverage from private insurers in the voluntary market.

Employers that typically seek coverage in the FWCJUA are those that:

  • No prior workers compensation insurance 
    • Typically new ventures where the standard markets require proof of prior coverage
    • Established companies/individuals that were exempt, but have hired additional employees and now required to purchase the coverage
  • Poor loss history / high experience modification
  • High risk exposures / classifications
  • Companies whose employees job duties are deemed to be high risk
    • Height exposure
    • Underground exposure 
    • Water exposure
    • Class codes with high frequency and severity claims issues
  • Industry Examples
    • Roofers
    • Tree trimmers
    • General Contractors
    • Pressure cleaning
    • Mold remediation / Restoration
    • Builders
    • Carpentry

Venture Insurance Partners has years of experience in quoting and binding workers compensation policies with the FWCJUA. We understand that maybe your contracts require the coverage or you are mandated to carry the coverage by State statute.  If you are unable to find workers compensation in the standard market and need workers compensation to continue running your business, we have you covered and we are here to help walk you through the process.

The FWCJUA is the workers compensation market of last resort so we try to approach the entire marketplace on your behalf before we begin the underwriting process with the FWCJUA.  

In many cases, depending on your type of business, we can get you out of the FWCJUA and into a standard market after a couple of years of clean loss history.